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CCC Certification by Product Safety Consulting

China's version of product safety compliance and testing is similar to Underwriter's Laboratories in the United States and the European CE system, but there are some differences. Introduced in 2002, the China Compulsory Certification (CCC) certificate applies to Chinese goods, as well as imports. There are currently 23 categories, covering 159 products, which require the CCC Mark. The CCC Mark must be obtained prior to importing, selling and/or using products listed in the catalogue.




Product testing (products that require certification are sent to Chinese test labs) and factory audits, performed by Chinese auditors, are the two most important elements of the CCC certification process. Also included in this process are comprehensive application documents, factory preparation and various fees and payments. Certifications, once obtained, are good for several years, although periodic follow-up auditing is required depending upon the product and situation. To expedite the arduous process, it is recommended that companies hire a local consultant to help guide them through the process. With the proper assistance, obtaining the CCC Mark can be completed in 4-5 months. It can take anywhere from 6-18 months without the proper help.


A summary of the process:


Type Testing. 

Factory Inspection.

Evaluation of certification results and approval.

Follow-Up Factory Inspection.